Crossfit? Nah! I’ve got Mcdonald’s!

I’m still HS free and kind of wondering what to talk about nowadays. Not in terms of talking – I never really shut up – but more in terms of saying anything relevant on my blog. Plus I’m always super tired, because of work.

I have been meaning to start exercising ever since I lost a ton of weight and fantasized about how great my body would look now it’s thin, if I only had a micro grain of motivation to exercise. Yes, there are all the usual excuses reasons – mainly no childcare, moving house, no space, no yoga mat, a bone in my leg. You get the picture. So anyway, I went and got a job and a child minder and things started to look up. I would not only be able to leave Baby Bodros with the childminder to go get some exercise, but I would also be a bit more motivated, as I would be leaving the house everyday with a purpose – so much easier to then come back and do positive stuff when you have made it out the front door at least once a day.

My job? I work at McDonald’s. Yup, you heard! McDonald’s.  A bad career move? No – I actually don’t speak enough French, so it was a perfect way to learn French and get paid (French courses are about 1600 euro for a good one). Hard work? Yes! Very! Anyone who works in catering or who has worked will know/remember how tough it is on mind and body. Not only do you have to remember everything that everyone tells you all at once, but the cleaning part of it  – especially in fast food –  is hard freaking work! The beauty of it is though, as soon as I walk out of that door I am free. Plus I can now speak a lot better French than I did one month ago.

Have I done any exercise? Not a chance. I am so worn out by the time I get home that the biggest work out I do is ironing my uniform for the next day. Do I need any exercise? No way! My guns are like Schwarzenegger’s! I have never seen biceps so big on my body (probably not visible to the normal eye, but HUGE to me!) I have also kept the 5 lbs off I lost when I started work. I am a very happy woman!

Do I eat McDonald’s now? Not if I can help it. If I do eat there, I eat a plain salad and have a burger with it (just the meat) and I have the fruit (which is all probably dipped in chemicals, but no flare so far). I enjoy a nice coffee from there and a bottle of Evian to wash it all down. It works for me and although I am sometimes a little tortured by the smell of crushed M and M’s when I refill the Flurry dispenser, one look at the ingredients is enough to extinguish any temptation! As for the fries, the pain I experienced from eating just two fries a few months ago is reminder enough – I am never tempted!

So, whilst you lot are all, “Cross fit is the best”, I’m like,”Mcdonald’s has given me guns to be proud of!”

Long may it last!