Supplementing, Autoimmune Diet and no food fun.

I’m back in the driving seat today and feeling calm again. I have just purchased some digestive enzymes and Spirulina and am about to buy some krill oil, glucosamine and chondroitin, MSM and turmeric with piperine supplements. I have never been a big fan of supplements, mainly because I was rubbish at remembering to take them and they would just end up out of date. But now I am all grown up and have to take my homeopathic Serocytols twice a day, I’m sure I can remember more supplements (although I have already forgotten to take the digestive enzyme…just getting it now. Ok, we’re good) If I do forget, generally pain jogs the memory sufficiently well. It’s just then finding someone to bring you the stuff, because you’ve just found the right position to sit in to avoid the pain and don’t want to set it all off again.

My eggs trial has failed – I had a flare up after two days of eating them. I’m not too disappointed, although I did have visions of making some AIP baked goodies one day. I’m sure there are some scrumptious baking recipes without eggs out there, although I’m not torturing myself by looking. ‘No food fun’ is still my motto at the moment.

I am hoping to reintroduce cooked tomatoes next week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this one. Before I started the AI protocol diet, I had tomatoes at virtually every meal. We had tomatoes in tagines, curries, Bolognese sauce, lasagne-free lasagne, chicken casserole, with fish, vegetable stew and well, just about everything. It was a real heart breaker to omit them from my diet. It changed our entire meal plans. It was hard, but it really challenged us get creative about how we were eating. Avoiding tomatoes has been a good way to eliminate chilli and peppers. And finding out that standard beef was causing flares meant there was no point in trying to recreate ‘fajita’ style lettuce wraps or any other ground beef sauce that normally required tomatoes. It was time to put the Mexicans to bed and move on!

A little round-up of most of what is definitely off my menu for good:

  • Eggs
  • Regular beef ( I haven’t tried grass-fed, as I haven’t gotten round to finding here in France)
  • Grains
  • Legumes
  • Raw tomatoes
  • Artichokes
  • Raw/Undercooked cabbage
  • Raw onions (make my mouth taste like sh*t, so probably a good indicator that I shouldn’t be eating them anyway!)
  • Soy products
  • Potatoes
  • Deep fried food
If it’s not on my list and it is a nightshade or any other AIP food, it means I haven’t tried reintroducing it yet and I live in hope that I won’t have a flare up when I do (please God, let me be able to tolerate chilli – don’t leave me hanging). Until then, the rest of the food are all ‘maybes’ and I live in hope ūüôā

Wobbly wagon wheels.

Finally the HS swelling is going down – recovering from my red meat, salmon, vinegar experiences has been pretty tough. I guess it’s like falling off any wagon after doing so well, picking yourself up again is a challenge. I have been more careful again, apart from the odd coffee and a couple of small glasses of good white wine this week. I have been taking my¬†Serocytols¬†medication and occasionally remembering to take my magnesium and other¬†homeopathic¬†remedies. I¬†have¬†been¬†gorging¬†on fresh¬†coconut, which is¬†probably¬†not a good thing. Is there a recommended daily allowance for¬†coconut?? I really should¬†Google¬†it up. Aside from that though, my face has cleared up and I feel good. I am going to try duck breast on the BBQ this weekend and see if it affects me. I am feeling more in control and ready to start a more structured reintroduction of foods.

I have been reading more and more posts about people finding diet has helped them improve their HS. It’s fantastic to hear it from so many. It’s a tough disease and sometimes it seems all you ever read is negative comments from people. I have to remind myself that the pain can take you into a dark forest, where even the strongest of us lose sight of the light. I am grateful that my journey is mostly positive and I have the support to keep on battling this disease in the most natural way possible.

After seeing the homeopath, he has given me the go ahead to order the Swiss treatment of Serocytols. I am optimistic, as I am with all new treatments. I believe that there is a difference in being optimistic and blindly hopeful – although both have their place at times – and I am ready to try a new treatment. Edwin phones Serolab and places the order. It will arrive the day we get back from Brittany.

It’s hard to say if the homeopathic treatment I am on now is working. I would say that my HS definitely has not gotten worse, which is a fab thing. My diet is still difficult. I have some delicious meals, but I would be lying if I said that finding the inspiration to eat is easy. I don’t take supplements other than the magnesium and the once a week Vit D drops that the homeopath has prescribed for me. I wonder if the alcohol and the lactose in the homeopathic medicines have an impact on my diet and if I am actually getting anywhere at all. It’s not so much a ‘self pity’ thing, as a ‘lost bewilderment’ thing, fuelled by all the conflicting information on the internet! Of course there is some self-pity, but it is all getting easier. I am not bowled over (as often) by the realisation that I have an incurable disease. I no longer miss milk or dairy products. I love it when I have a good meal and feel I am nourishing my body and soul. Most of all I love my family and am so grateful for having them around me.