Serocytol immunosuppressant therapy and Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

I’ve been back to see my Homeopath. I’ve been prescribed a second batch of Serocytols, a Swiss homeopathic immunosuppressant treatment. It is a natural remedy made using blood from immunised horses, who are apparently very well cared for on the Serolab farm. Serum therapy, as it is known, has been around for over a century and was initially used to treat diphtheria and tetanus patients. The development of Serocytol came from this in the 1930’s.

It has no side effects, but I have yet to see any improvement from taking it thus far. I have had a three-month treatment and am about to embark on another three months. It costs me just under 120 euro (about 156 dollars/102 pound sterling) for the three months and I take it orally in a tincture. If you haven’t already read about why I’m taking Serocytol, here’s a little recap.

A good friend of ours, a lovely French man lived in the UK and married an English woman. She had Rheumatoid arthritis. She was young and had tried different treatments. He persuaded her to go and see his family homeopath back in France (in France it is common to have a homeopath treat you as regularly as a General Practitioner). She was prescribed Serocytol and took it for three months with no results. She was further persuaded to take it for another three months and noticed improvements. About 6 months later, she took another 3-month course and she is cured.

Horsing around with Homeopathics...

Horsing around with Homeopathics…

I did some Googling, but was not very successful – you can bet that most of the research is in French, as it is a Swiss drug, and I didn’t Google it up in Français. Anyway, I like to think I am pretty open-minded and whilst the treatment is expensive, it has no known side effects (apart from burning a small hole in your pocket). Meh…I’m willing to give it ago. Also, I wanted to write about the success (or failure) of the Serocytol therapy, you know, just in case it is the cure-all for this nasty little disease!

I started the treatment at the same time as I started my AI diet, so it was lucky enough to be credited for some good results at first. However, when I fell of my AI wagon (with a few bumps appearing shortly after), I knew that it was really my strict diet that had given me respite. Despite all that, I’m not a quitter and where would be the sense in starting a treatment, if I wasn’t to give it its best shot? So, mug or not, I am going to order a second batch.

The Homeopath has already tried me on about 8 other different homeopathic remedies and this time, he has prescribed another three on top of the Serocytols. He’s a persistent man and I thank him for that, because if I were a homeopath faced with a disease as complicated and diverse as Hidradenitis Suppurativa, I would have just thrown in the towel!

I am reimbursed by the French state for all homeopathic treatments (apart from the Serocytols), including most of the consultation fee, which is only 36 euro anyway. So, it’s off to the pharmacy I go today (for my freebie homeopathic granules and probiotics). Serocytol will have to wait until next payday, but fortunately HS is very patient and I know it’ll stick around until then. 🙂


Wobbly wagon wheels.

Finally the HS swelling is going down – recovering from my red meat, salmon, vinegar experiences has been pretty tough. I guess it’s like falling off any wagon after doing so well, picking yourself up again is a challenge. I have been more careful again, apart from the odd coffee and a couple of small glasses of good white wine this week. I have been taking my Serocytols medication and occasionally remembering to take my magnesium and other homeopathic remedies. I have been gorging on fresh coconut, which is probably not a good thing. Is there a recommended daily allowance for coconut?? I really should Google it up. Aside from that though, my face has cleared up and I feel good. I am going to try duck breast on the BBQ this weekend and see if it affects me. I am feeling more in control and ready to start a more structured reintroduction of foods.

I have been reading more and more posts about people finding diet has helped them improve their HS. It’s fantastic to hear it from so many. It’s a tough disease and sometimes it seems all you ever read is negative comments from people. I have to remind myself that the pain can take you into a dark forest, where even the strongest of us lose sight of the light. I am grateful that my journey is mostly positive and I have the support to keep on battling this disease in the most natural way possible.

After seeing the homeopath, he has given me the go ahead to order the Swiss treatment of Serocytols. I am optimistic, as I am with all new treatments. I believe that there is a difference in being optimistic and blindly hopeful – although both have their place at times – and I am ready to try a new treatment. Edwin phones Serolab and places the order. It will arrive the day we get back from Brittany.

It’s hard to say if the homeopathic treatment I am on now is working. I would say that my HS definitely has not gotten worse, which is a fab thing. My diet is still difficult. I have some delicious meals, but I would be lying if I said that finding the inspiration to eat is easy. I don’t take supplements other than the magnesium and the once a week Vit D drops that the homeopath has prescribed for me. I wonder if the alcohol and the lactose in the homeopathic medicines have an impact on my diet and if I am actually getting anywhere at all. It’s not so much a ‘self pity’ thing, as a ‘lost bewilderment’ thing, fuelled by all the conflicting information on the internet! Of course there is some self-pity, but it is all getting easier. I am not bowled over (as often) by the realisation that I have an incurable disease. I no longer miss milk or dairy products. I love it when I have a good meal and feel I am nourishing my body and soul. Most of all I love my family and am so grateful for having them around me.