Whole 30? Hmm…go on then.

I’ve been making a few noises about doing a Whole 30. I would have loved to join Popular Paleo for her Whole 30, starting the 1st october, but I’m not sure I’m prepared enough. For a start I need to read It Starts with Food again. Secondly, I have to get my head round slaying the sugar dragon. Again. Thirdly, I need to also acknowledge that I am drinking too much coffee (only 1-2 cups a day, but it is definitely becoming a habit) and should probably use this Whole 30 as an opportunity to knock that on the head, too. I will also be saying no to red wine, “paleo’ treats, honey, too much fruit and too much of anything really. I would like to use the Whole 30 period as a time to get some control over my food intake.

I definitely need to stock up on some supplies before I start. I have only a smidgen of coconut oil left. I need to buy something I can make snacks with. Maybe some olives. It’s so hard to find good olives here that aren’t doused in loads of preservatives. If I do find natural ones, they cost a small fortune. I also need to read all my recipe books and online paleo snack resources – of which there are hundreds! I can’t make anything for the freezer, as we still haven’t got an operational one. On a bum note, it looks like our insurance will not be replacing our chest freezer, so we are going to have to get it back in the house and try (again) to get rid of the rotting smell. Yuk 😦

I can see I’m already making a lot of excuses – I am already feeling some kind if inner tantrum going on and I haven’t even cut any sugar out yet! I definitely need to get my ‘shuns’ in order. Preparation. Organisation. Motivation. Currently, I’m not fully equipped in any of these areas. Plus I feel yukky today. It always seems to be after I eat roast chicken. Does anyone else get this?

So, whilst this is a post about doing a Whole 30, it’s more of a statement of intent than a well constructed plan. If anyone else cares to join me on a Whole 30, let me know. It maybe the motivator I need to get started….

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