A dramatic mini flare.

Life has been rosy lately. No Hidradenitis Suppurativa means I am a new woman. I can sit down like a young person again – no awkward movements whilst I ease myself into a chair like an arthritic 90-year-old sucking on a lemon. I can walk for miles without developing a John Wayne swagger. I can let Baby Bodros jump up and down on my lap without wanting to cry out like a wounded dog. I go to work. Actual work and I physically work my ass off. To a normal person, these little delights are commonplace and now I am also guilty of taking it all for granted, as it has been so long with no pain.

Then – uh, oh…complacency came and bit me on my healed, pain-free, little ass! We had a take-out and the next day – mini flare!

It was an asian shrimp and ginger dish. No extras, no rice, no noodles, but no doubt cooked with sugar, soy and God only knows what other unhelpful foods this HS sufferer should probably avoid. And it wasn’t even that good!

I developed a tiny spot in one of the unmentionable zones. It was small and leaked straight away. I nearly cried. Not from the pain, but reaching for all my little potions to clean it brought back the horrible memories of constant cleaning, wound dressing, confinement to the house during a flare and all the emotions I went through at these times. Yes. I was feeling very sorry for myself.

Two days later and it is all fine. It has nearly healed and after much placation by Mr B, my Inner Drama Queen has headed back up to her tower, back on look out for the next inevitable, looming crisis. He gently explained that it took the HS two years to get as bad as it was, so a little hiccup is unlikely to induce over 30 open sores overnight. I had been so used to any little flare aggravating the whole area, it is hard to believe that with no open sores, a little flare will remain just that. Little.

So the moral of the story? Be kind to yourself and don’t freak out. Our HS is always going to be a part of us – a part of us that we have limited control over – so we will always have to find ways to adapt around it.

Bonne journée 🙂

6 thoughts on “A dramatic mini flare.

  1. I feel your pain. When I went Paleo, I went over a year without an outbreak, and the first one I had after that I was horrified. I’d actually convinced myself that I’d beaten it. Nope! It really does mess with your psyche, doesn’t it? I’m so sorry.

  2. The purpose of this comment is not to deceive you by massacring your convictions of the benefits and efficacy of homeopathic products and remedies but I’ve learned very interesting information concerning those products that, I believe, could serve you as well.
    If you go to cbc.ca/market place and look up: homeopathy part one, you eyes and ears will become wide open from surprise.
    The CBC is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the people doing the Market Place program are well experienced investigative journalists.

      • Hey Jean-Paul. Sorry it took me so long to reply. I wanted to watch the video first and then get back to you, but I never got around to it. I understand the huge debate around homeopathy and I am always open to new information. However, my use of homeopathy comes from my own experience. As any woman will tell you, childbirth is a pretty big deal and having only had homeopathic treatment before, during and after the birth, I believe that it worked for me. I currently use homeopathic treatment for my babies’ basic ailments and I swear by arnica.

        When it comes to Hidradenitis and homeopathy, I haven’t had much success. It was hardcore medicine (antibiotics) that worked in the end and for that I am grateful. I will never be fully drawn into the debate – what works for some illnesses/people will not work for others and even if homeopathy is a placebo, if it produces results (which I believe it does in many cases), then I am happy. A naive standpoint perhaps, but mine nonetheless 🙂

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