The truth about remission.

Once again…I’m back! Losing internet connection is a little bit like being on a desert island, isn’t it? Especially if you live abroad and don’t watch local TV. It doesn’t look like I missed much and despite the frustration at not being able to Google-up everything, I survived.

So much has happened in the past few weeks:

We moved house (the second time in under two months).

We had two lots of visitors.

I underwent a three-step interview/recruitment process. In French.

I got a job.

Bubba Bodros went into childcare.

However, despite all of those highly stressful little challenges, stopping my antibiotics last Monday was the change I feared the most. Especially as I was starting work the very same day I stopped my tablets. I wasn’t sure if it was work suicide to stop the tablets, but I crossed my fingers and stopped them anyway.

The result? I’m still in remission. It’s early stages though and I am being a little bit more careful with my diet. I have no medical knowledge, but I am assuming the effects of the antibiotics will hang around for a little longer before I experience any flares. From the Rifampicin and Clindamycin combo research that I looked at, it appeared that many people remained in remission for a while after their treatment, so it could just be temporary. But lets not get down about that! Lets evaluate the absolutely fantastic situation that I currently find myself in. Remission.

I read many comments of people asking what is remission. What does it look like? Is it when your lesions heal, but tracts remain? Is it when you just have one or two spots, but the general area has improved? Is it just improvement generally? Is it possible to achieve remission at all or are these people just exaggerating??

The online Oxford dictionary states that remission is a:

“temporary diminution of the severity of disease or pain”.

I didn’t like that one. I don’t want to hear that remission is only a ‘diminution of the severity’. I had a diminution of severity the week I started eating Paleo, but it sure as heck wasn’t remission! I carried on my search down a different vein. As I have always heard of remission in the context of cancer patients, I looked up a cancer definition of remission. It states:

“A decrease in or disappearance of signs and symptoms of cancer. In partial remission, some, but not all, signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared. In complete remission, all signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared, although cancer still may be in the body.”

I prefer that one. It was a much better description of what I thought full remission was, and what I wished for when I was in the full throes of a Hidradenitis Suppurativa flare. It was what I dreamed my diet would bring about, but a state I was unable to reach. It wasn’t the diet’s fault, I just think there were too many open sores to heal and I was still working out which foods caused me to flare.

Remission for my case is no open sores, no swelling and no pain. I can still feel tracts under my skin (perhaps just the scars from them) and have small bulges of scar tissue all around my groin. It is amazing! I hope to stay in remission by keeping away from trigger foods. it is all gravy so far!

To summarise, it would appear that when people say they are in remission , but still have some HS activity, they are right to state their case. However, for those of you seeking remission in the way that I understand it – no current symptoms at all, it really is possible, too.

Go see your derm, keep working at the diet, be positive and above all be kind to yourself 🙂


4 thoughts on “The truth about remission.

  1. Awesome news good for u for changing your diet , ive also done this and am in remission as well, unfortunately i was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and had no choice but to change my diet, but its proven to be very benificial to my hs , , my diet is high in fruits n veggies proteins, whole 12 grains and smallportions of dairy , nuts , only healthy wholesome foods . Ive cut out potatoe chips , fried foods, candy and chocolate white breads , rice and pasta and potatoes , i have the odd potato portioned but very little and best part IM IN REMISSION !!!!! 8 weeks and my blood sugars are normmal once again the whole process was scarry at 1st but i was determined to feel better , i have much much more energy n generall feel better and even have been loosing weight slowely keep up the hard work girl wtg !!!!

    • Fantastic news about remission, Kathy! Sorry to hear about the diabetes though 😦 It’s hard to be positive all the time, but if we are given these challenges and the outcomes are healthier lifestyles, weight loss and more, then staying on that positive road is a whole lot easier! We’re doing it – go us!! 😉

  2. I’m so happy for you. I also was lucky enough to have experienced remission for about 3 years and now my HS is back and worse. When I think back, those 3 years were a happy time in my life with a lot less stress then I’m dealing with today. I feel ( and I am a physician) that diet and stress are the key and body weight plays a major factor.

    • Hi Randy. Thanks for your comment. I’m truly sorry to hear your HS is back. Three years of remission sounds like bliss and even after just over 3 months remission, it is hard to believe that a) I have this disease to begin with, b) it is debilitating and immensely painful daily and c) it could come back at any time.

      Are you receiving any treatment for your HS? Do you specialise in an area that can help your HS? Have you made changes to your diet lately? It would be good to hear how you are managing it now and if you need any support, I am always here to listen. I hope things pick up real soon 🙂

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