A stormy welcome home….

I’m back! I have been away in the UK since July 17th and have had a wonderful holiday. I managed to catch up with loads of my beautiful family and friends. I relaxed. I ate a lot of what I wanted. I drank (an awful lot of) home-made fresh fruit daiquiris, wine and champagne. I didn’t get my necessary 8 hours sleep per night. I spent two weeks unbeholden to HS and I LOVED IT!

Ok, so now I’m a little bit broken. I have no flares at the moment, thank goodness, but I am very tired! On top of that, we arrived home to a storm damaged apartment. After travelling for 18 hours, most of it in the car, we were greeted by the stench of rotting food. At 1 am, instead of putting the girls to bed and having a well deserved cup of tea, we had to get our heads round removing the rancid food and getting the stench out of the apartment. If that wasn’t bad enough, the ceiling in the girls’ bedroom fell in after we had put them to bed, so we had to take them out and rearrange the sleeping areas. We are now sleeping in the equivalent of a one bedroom flat and my auntie is here with us, on holiday. Both the girls fell ill the day we arrived and we have been up most nights with the little one, who is struggling to breath, is coughing and has gunky eyes. Poor babies!

The landlord has been amazing and has offered us a larger apartment across the road for the same price we are paying here. We had moved into this smaller apartment to save money for the house we are starting to build nearby. It has been a bit of a struggle to fit everything in here after downsizing from a three bed house with a garage and garden to a two bed flat with a balcony, so upsizing will be great. Once we’re in!

While we deal with this little trauma, the poorly kids and the house move (and for added extra pressure – a job interview for me this week), the blog will be on hold. Feel free to ‘like’ my Facebook page though, Healing Hidradenitis, for the occasional update and super awesome links I find, out and about on the web.

Very soon, I will be fully functioning and ready to roll again.

A bien tôt!

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