You say saccharose, I say sucralose.

So far – so good – the meal plan is working! It has been a success (with only one slip up –  a last-minute fresh pizza when the day ran away from us) and I feel good. My Hidradenitis Suppurativa is well and truly behaving itself. I am still taking my antibiotics and have the odd nap here and there, but mostly I’m much better. The doctor has prescribed some steroid cream for my feet and they have healed nicely.

I did have a little flare earlier in the week. I was a little shocked (and reminded of the horror of this disease) and experienced some pain for the first time in what seems an age. I couldn’t work out what had happened (it wasn’t the pizza, which was later on in the week and incidentally didn’t cause any reaction), so had to do a little rethink about my food consumption this week.

I saw a friend do this the other day – he asked his girlfriend what she had eaten yesterday and the day before. As she sat thinking really hard, I asked him why he had asked her that. He told me it was a remedy for hiccups. Thinking so hard made them stop. This isn’t relevant, but apparently it works and everyday can be a school day, right?

Anyway, I had to think about what I’d eaten, which was fairly easy, as I written it all over Facebook and this blog. A was a little baffled, as it had all been whole foods and not much fruit. Then I had a thought. My supplements. Uh-oh. Rookie error. Checked my French probiotics and – bam! There it was! Saccharose. In my probiotics. All white, innocent and promising to heal my little tum tum, when actually the devious little beggars were running around my insides causing chaos! Now, I had taken a little peek at the ingredients and honestly? I thought saccharose was a sweetener. Straight up. Totally confused it with sucralose. I just thought to myself that I’d forgo a little chemical toxicity to get the benefits of the probiotic. Silly, silly me. Luckily, I had only started taking them the day before and since I’ve stopped, little flare/leak has totally healed.

There have been no sh*t storms this week – a few minor issues, like our upcoming holiday to the UK being delayed because the car is still in the garage, but on the whole a good week. Also, I have concluded that pure sugar= instant flare, but fresh pizza=no flare. I’m sure that I would have to explore this further and whilst I’m not about to go out and eat a ton of gluten/dairy/nightshade laden foods, I am happy that the odd slip with certain foods may not be the be all and end all for my HS.

Meal plan recipe tonight is the wild prawns on the BBQ – yummy!



4 thoughts on “You say saccharose, I say sucralose.

  1. I would say what I find most inspiring is your motivation and focus…as I sit here with a can of coke zero and whinging about my colitis and HS flares… maybe I should be learning from this!!

    • Hahaha! Be kind to yourself! It sounds like you are going through a really, really tough time at the moment. We have to start the healing process spiritually, as well as physically and this all has to start by being kind to yourself. Enjoy your Coke, then make a deal with yourself. Make a plan. You’re writing a blog – put your plan on your blog. It might motivate you. Remember – It’s baby steps all the way! Good luck 🙂

  2. My flare inducers: alcohol (even a sip), pork (and gelatin), fake sugars (anything labeled “diet”), beans (testing now to see if it’s all legumes), and white potatoes. If I stay away from those, I actually heal. It’s amazing! I eat gluten free due to roommates diet needs (it’s just easier then prepping 2 different meals) and try for minimal consumption of processed foods. I also take 2k curcumin at am and pm and drink the juice of a whole lemon in 10 ounces of water daily. An elimination diet was super helpful for me. I’m glad you’re finding success as well! :

    • Hey Amber!

      So good to hear how diet works for you 🙂 I haven’t noticed major flares with wine, but we drink high quality stuff over here in Bordeaux. Spirits and beer, on the other hand, send it wild! I have been taking turmeric also, although I’ve just run out of tablets.
      I love lemon and have it most days on my sauerkraut (which I eat to counter balance the antibiotic’s impact on my gut flora) and occasionally i have it in sparkling mineral water….mmmm, in fact, I think I’ll go get one now!
      Thanks for your comment and hope to hear more from you in the future 🙂

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