Hello Day one, I’ve missed you.

I’m done messing with my diet (she says for the 17th day in a row). No, but seriously, I really need to stop using these antibiotics as a crutch and start clean-eating again. I am a month into my 10 week course of Clindamycin and Rifampicin and although taking antibiotics goes against everything I believe in, I have to say the results are amazing. I am barely leaking at all, and the persistent swelling has decreased so much so, that I can throw myself down into a seat and there is no pain. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. HEAVEN!!!

Excellent, you say, no need to write anymore blog! Actually, no. These tablets are like a holiday for me. A little respite from real life. They are toxic and have horrible side effects. They can cause liver disease. They make my tongue furry (which swilling my mouth out with apple cider vinegar has cured, by the way). They have brought back my peeling, dry, itchy skin on my feet. They make me need to poop – and it’s not a pretty picture. I have to eat loads of sauerkraut (which actually isn’t too bad). They make me tired, a little out of sorts.

Most of all, I feel the opposite of how I did when I started the autoimmune diet. I feel like I am poisoning my body instead of healing it (did I mention I was a drama queen?). I was trying to heal my leaky gut with all that lovely, nourishing, home-cooked good food and now I am attacking my insides with chemicals.

Such a dichotomy.

Whilst I’m not looking a gift-horse in the mouth (that’s a really weird idiom!), I am only on these tablets short-term. I am still anticipating that after my 10 weeks is up, I am only going to get some major remission going on by sticking to my autoimmune protocol diet. In the meantime, I want to take advantage of the healing that has happened. I want to keep those sinus tracts shrunk, or healed or whatever has happened to them. I want to wear my bikini again and agin. I want to wear mini-skirts all summer, without Micropore peeping out of the bottom. I want to enjoy the freedom of spending under 2 minutes in the bathroom, because I have no dressings to change. I want to have a go on a Space Hopper. I want to sit comfortably with my baby on my knees, without wincing when she wiggles. I want the whole, entire and wonderful healed-upness of my Hidradenitis Suppurativa to stay just the way it is.

Today I got busy. I went to an amazing farmer’s market of organic goods  Lidl and bought as much of the fresh produce as I could fit in the bags I was carrying (it’s in the ghetto and they don’t have baskets). Their organic range is CHEEEEAP! They also stock the cured ham that I eat. It lists only ham and salt as the two ingredients and it’s cheaper by at least 2 euro here than in any other local supermarket. The only other packaged item I bought from there was Perrier. I dodged the drug dealers on the way out and Mr B did the rest of the food shopping at Auchan – the actual, biggest supermarket I have ever seen. So big, I walked for about 5 minutes before I even reached the food section. So big, I think it may be bigger, even, than Sam’s Club in Slidell, Louisiana! Maybe not as big as a supermarket in Texas, though. I digress.

I made a meal plan for this week to keep me on track. We kicked off tonight with cod, marinated in a lime, garlic, coconut oil sauce with fresh parsley and basil, Himalayan pink salt and organic cracked black pepper. This was served with sautéed green beans, oyster mushrooms, onion and garlic and all cooked by the lovely Mr B!

De-li-cious! Made even more tasty, because I didn’t have to lift a finger to cook it!

For the rest of the week, main meals are as follows (not in any particular order):

  1. Easiest roast chicken ever –  Instead of leeks, which we don’t have, we ‘ll be subbing courgettes in to this dish and serving it with salad. Who says roasties can’t be served up with a salad??
  2. Chicken and vegetable curry – using leftover chicken, homemade coconut milk, homemade curry paste (excluding paprika and chilli), ginger, garlic, onion, carrots and homemade chicken stock (I use this recipe, with frozen leftover peels and chicken bones). Served with cauliflower rice, fried with peas.
  3. Healthy Gluten-free Life’s Dutch Oven Pork – as featured on Nomnompaleo’s page. Love our Le Creuset Dutch Oven cocotte, which cooks food so evenly and keeps it moist. We’ll have that with sautéed broccoli, onion and garlic all fried in silky smooth organic coconut oil of course! Perhaps a side of salad, too.
  4. Large wild gamba, marinated in lime, garlic and ginger, seared on the griddle and served with my scrummy roasted sweet potatoes. And salad. And probably sauerkraut for me.
  5. Asian chicken thighs – again Michelle from Nomnompaleo’s recipe. What? Again? Yup. Each time I Googled the ingredients, hers was way up there and looked delicious, with only a few ingredients that I needed to remove to adapt for the autoimmune protocol. Served with salad.
  6. Sweet potato and prawn soup, which we’ve adapted from an Everyday Paleo recipe. We’ll have some leftover coconut milk and prawns (there are two kilos in the freezer and we’ll have to defrost the lot , so we’ll cook ’em all and throw some back in the freezer for this dish.

Et voila! That’s me all sorted for the week. I hope to all that is Holy and Mighty that there are no more sh*t storms this week and I manage to keep on track (and off the incredible Bordeaux wine).

Day one is done…..

6 thoughts on “Hello Day one, I’ve missed you.

  1. I’m sorry that you felt the need to go to drugs … I looked at being a guinea-pig for Hershey Medical Dermatology Dept. but when I looked at the side effects I could NOT, not in any way, allow myself to take on the possibility of so many other illnesses to “possibly” relieve my HS. If they had said “absolutely, you will be cured” – well, then I don’t know how I would have responded… but no one has said that – so I stick to Paleo Autoimmune.
    I see that you follow PrimalGirl, Tara Grant – she told me that green beans can still be a problem for those of us with HS. I’m not an expert, and she will say she’s not either, but I cut them out… not taking any chances. Hope you are able to find some relief!

  2. It is a little bit crazy that we suffer so much we are willing to put ourselves at risk of liver disease and even cancer just for a LITTLE respite. I really didn’t understand it at first, but now the pain has gone, I can totally see why people take the drugs. I am still hopeful that once the course of antibiotics has ended, my diet can put HS into remission.
    In “It starts with Food – the Whole 30”, they say that although green beans are a legume, the seeds are immature, less harmful than other legumes and therefore are not excluded (pages 156/212). I didn’t notice any flare, although I did feel a little bloated afterwards 🙂

    • I know, it absolutely sucks! I’ve been suffering for 30 years… of course the first year or two I didn’t suffer like I do now. I just had it on my thighs and they were independent “blisters” that were akin to ingrown hair eruptions. For a long time that’s what I thought it was. Took me about 6 years to have it diagnosed… and then I totally forgot what the doctor said because, again, it was limited to my thighs and I was only 25 and not really paying attention. I really thought he was telling me that my ingrown hair issue was named some “scientific” name that I couldn’t remember. It wasn’t until I was about 35 that I had a true diagnosis and I learned the horror that I would never be without this crap. By that time it had spread to my underarms and my breasts. Ick.
      About the green beans, I know that It Starts With Food says that they are less harmful than other legumes… but… for each one of us it is different. I was still having a couple of breakouts here and there even though most of my skin had seemed like it was healing… and I told Tara what I was eating on a regular basis. She told me that green beans can still be a problem for some folks with auto-immune. Since I am highly affected (HS-wise) by legumes in general, I decided to cut out green beans too… just for the health of it. I don’t need to eat green beans. Once I’ve found complete remission I will try them again and see if they still cause an issue – but until then, I am keeping to other wonderful veggies!
      I was just sharing, not trying to tell you that you had to stop eating them.

  3. “I want to enjoy the freedom of spending under 2 minutes in the bathroom, because I have no dressings to change. ”
    Oh, how true this is for me. I always spend so much time cleaning and cleaning and then putting on liners and toilet paper to catch the leakage.
    How I wish to wear summer dresses without the fear of something falling out. I can’t wear light colored pants/shorts bc I fear a leakage problem.

    • I hope this will change for you soon.

      I am loving the freedom I have at the moment, whilst taking the antibiotics. I can go out shopping, take long drives in the car and leave my little one in the other room, whilst I run to the bathroom now – all things I couldn’t do when the lesions were leaking.

      Have you tried washable pads? I made my own, because it was so expensive to buy them. Plus, I didn’t like the plastic feel of the liners. Making them was a bit of a mission, but I wanted a new hobby, so I bought a machine and used the material from my baby’s old clothes and flannel blankets! The ones you can buy look really good though.

      Today, I am sat in a white dress, with no pads and am grateful that the antibiotics have given me some respite. I am happy today and savouring every moment of pain free living! I hope you’ll be feeling the same thing, too very soon 🙂

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