Antibiotics. Day 17 and all’s well.

I’m still offline at home, but will take a minute away from cleaning our ex-rental home (where we still have the net) and give another brief update.

The HS is healing. It is only leaking from one area right now, as opposed to at least 8 or 9 a few weeks ago. The Rifampicin and Clindamycin tablets are bringing me the respite I have dreamed of since my HS went haywire after the birth of my bubba 2 years ago. I am still living in chaos with the house move and my eating has not been 100% clean, but since being on these pills, I have had no major repercussions.

Unfortunately, I feel like I have been given a bit of a licence to cheat for a while and whilst I’m not going crazy eating bread or chocolate, I am having some wine, nuts and the occasional homemade pizza, with tomato and raw cheese. I just feel like the pressure is off me right now, and if I slip it won’t have catastrophic results. It is heavenly!!ย 

As for the side effects…well, they’re still there. My stomach is still a little dodgy, but so long as I eat the Sauerkraut and yoghurt (separately of course), I seem to be able to keep on top of it. It’s hard to discuss this without being too gross, but basically it is down to one to two bowel movements a day and they aren’t always too loose. That’s still too much information, right?!

The tablets make me sleepy and around 3 pm I usually take a quick nap – maybe 20 mins to an hour (depending on when the bubba wakes up). A new side effect is the hunger. I am pretty ravenous on these and no matter how much I eat, it doesn’t appear to satiate me. I am having to be really disciplined and eat more salad and fruit, when all I really want to do is eat my lovely homemade bread, with butter and honey! I have resisted so far and I think it’s best if I keep that off limits. There’s no knowing what will happen if I open that can of worms – especially as my HS probably wont react as much to it. Also, my usual snack of fresh coconut makes my tummy a little more icky, so I’m having to limit that, too. Mainly, I’m eating a lot of fruit – probably not great for my HS, but a damn sight better than gluten.

I still want to make a doctor’s appointment to have some blood tests for my liver/kidneys etc, but it’s just finding the time at the moment…..

I don’t think I’ll take these tablets past the 10 weeks, as I still believe that a good diet is key. It almost seems naive, but I’m hoping that after the pills, I can work with my diet to keep those healed areas closed. Who knows?

All I know now, is I can see why people try the tablets regardless of their toxicity.ย This pain-free living is addictive!!

2 thoughts on “Antibiotics. Day 17 and all’s well.

  1. So, a couple things: it sounds like your insulin sensitivity is being compromised, which is why you are craving carbs. Instead of eating fruit and salad, try some protein and fat along with the fruit and salad and you won’t need to have naps anymore. With the constipation and antibiotics comes leaky gut and digestive issues, so it sounds like your body is having a hard time digesting the coconut. I had to ditch all coconut products when I had digestive issues going on, but was able to reintroduce them after about 4 months. It’s a combination of the fiber and the fructose in it. You also may experience SIBO, even while you’re on the antibiotics, or fructose malabsorption.
    You’ll also want to peel any fruit and vegetables that you’re eating, especially root vegetables. And don’t eat the seeds of anything, except things like strawberries, bananas, etc. Cooking fruits and vegetables will make them easier to digest. You’ll only have to do this for a little while, once you’re done the antibiotics and you’re able to get on a good probiotic supplement, then I would say for about 1-2 months. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hey Tara,
      Thanks for your comment. Just a few words of support makes me feel much more motivated to fix this diet ๐Ÿ™‚
      I have neglected my eating due to moving house, and preparing food amongst the chaos is a bit of a nightmare. Plus now we have no stove top and we’re waiting for payday (hopefully that’s today!) to go food shopping again.
      I am going to get myself a load of chicken and salad and get a grip on this. Today the scales said my weight’s gone up – that was the last straw! I’m back in the game!!
      Thanks again for the info ๐Ÿ™‚

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