Antibiotics. Day 4. Denial.

Humph. I’m only four days in and I am definitely experiencing two of the ‘indesirable’ (the French word) effects. My tummy is not its usual happy self and I no longer have to work out what they mean when they describe the type of bowel movements the tablets can induce! Secondly, my tummy is in a permanent bloated state. Not in a painful way, but in an aesthetically displeasing way. In other words, yes, I look pregnant. Rubbish.

Did Grok drink Kombucha to wash down his antibiotics...?

Did Grok drink Kombucha to wash down his antibiotics…?

So, I am sipping my Kombucha (is it Paleo – who knows?) and wondering what path of probiotic action I should take next to settle my tummy gripes. The evidence seems to point more towards the fermented dairy, so I may go back to the organic shop and pick up something fermented. I believe they had sheep, goat or cows’ milk fermented into various types of yoghurt and kefir. By far the cheapest product I saw at around 1.50 euro was the cows’ milk kefir, but I guess in this case, it’s more about quantity. If I buy the yoghurt, how much should I have? Is this going to mess with the autoimmune protocol, as it’s dairy? Will it even stop my poorly tum tum?

I’m still feeling a little flat. A bit impatient and a bit bleurgh…like nothing is interesting or satisfying. The whole using antibiotics process is still a change I have to get used to, I suppose. Plus, I’m back at the beginning of slaying my sugar dragon, so that doesn’t help (should I stop drinking Kombucha??)

What of my HS? Well, it is surely too early to say, but….I’m not in as much pain and I’m not leaking as much. This could be down to clean eating though, which I have moved back to since the holidays have ended. I’m sure my body didn’t notice that I had two small slices of raw milk Tommes cheese yesterday and I’m still holding out for the proof against raw milk cheese as a probiotic. Apart from the cheese, I’m definitely eating clean. Apart from the coffee – which is a drink, so is not categorised under clean-eating anyway. Ok, so I’m not 100% back on board with the food thing yet, but I’ve always found that with me it evolves organically before complete abstinence is achieved.

Only 66 more days of denial to go.

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