Antibiotics. Day 2

I have started my antibiotics and am back to the strict Autoimmune protocol diet – except for organic coffee (insert here: compulsory human deviation to any given diet to suit oneself). I am feeling positive, but apprehensive. I have minimised the amount of time I Google up all the negative effects of big pharmaceutical drugs, but can’t help being a bit of a hypochondriac already. I think my ribs hurt – is that a side effect? I have earache – that must be a side effect. I’m a bit tired – a side effect no doubt. Or maybe that was just because I stayed up until 1 am last night….

To prepare for the antibiotics, I bought some probiotics in the form of organic sauerkraut and Kombucha. My research on probiotics was a bit fruitless. I read some interesting stuff here by Matthew A.Ciorba, MD, Missouri, which gave a comprehensive overview of studies that have been conducted so far.

Can I have a croissant instead??

Breakfast? Can’t I just have a croissant instead??

My conclusion: probiotics work, but not all probiotics are equal; not all probiotics have the amount of million, billion bacteria load in them that they promise; not all probiotics survive stomach acid to make it to the gut to protect you; not all probiotics will populate the specific bacteria you need to protect your gut. Pretty conclusive stuff then, right? I’m still not sure I’ve properly researched controversial Kombucha properly and I’m not sure what other probiotic foods I can have. I tried kefir once and it made me feel funny! Plus, I’m supposed to be avoiding dairy, right? Tips please!

I’m still feeling pretty down about taking the antibiotics, but I can’t help feeling that little sparkle of hope that you get when you feel a) in control and 2) you may have found something that alleviates the incessant pain and misery HS lavishes upon us. It’s enough hope to motivate me to get back to eating salads anyway. My sugar dragon is raging again and if I can just get past the next two weeks without losing my mind or biting anyone’s head off, I’ll be a happy bunny. I’m just going to take it easy and see how these antibiotics work out. Not really. We’re moving house in two weeks, so that should take my mind off the pain and the drugs….

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