Diet? What diet??

I am broken.

My holiday is finished and my HS is having the time of its life. For those of you who are using diet to control your HS – well done. Stick with it – it really does work. I have eaten potatoes, crisps, sugary desserts; I have drunk many different types of alcohol – one too many cocktails. I have eaten bread, had gravy and just thrown caution to the wind. I’m paying for it now.

I was definitely allowed the mackerel, rocket and the flowers. Don’t ask about the rest…

Whilst away, I didn’t get my usual 8 hours sleep as Nina woke up every morning between 6:00 and 7:00. I didn’t stick to my diet. I lived on painkillers. I spent lots of time with friends and family. I had an amazing time.

Strawberries are Paleo, right?

I must admit that I’m feeling pretty rough right now, though. Not only are there post-holiday blues to contend with, but I am almost back to where I started diet-wise. I have a lot of admiration for those who can stick to the diet whilst away.

I definitely wasn’t the one laughing last….

Perhaps if I hadn’t had so many different things planned and so many dinners out, I could have made more of a concerted effort to eat better. Perhaps not. Perhaps I’m just not ready to admit that I can control this disease, by limiting the foods I eat. Although it is apparent, now more than ever, that my HS is definitely affected by my food intake. I did learn that it seemed to be at its worst when I had a combination of gluten and sugar. The occasional glass of good wine didn’t affect me too badly before, but a combination of apple crumble and rum cocktails induced a major flare.

It’s probably a good time to mention that I have been on the homeopathic treatment, Serocytol, for three months. I have been taking a combination of four different drops: SRE, Neuro-vasculaire, Malphigien and Emonctoires. I started taking them the week after I started the AI protocol diet, so when my symptoms improved, I was not sure if the Serocytol had had an effect. However, after the last couple of weeks of free-eating, and the return of the bad-boy flares, I am 100% sure that they haven’t worked for me. I should go back to the homeopath and try something new. I really should. Soon. Not now, but soon.

So, its back to reality. Now, if I could just find where I left my motivation before I went on holiday…..

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