Wobbly wagon wheels.

Finally the HS swelling is going down – recovering from my red meat, salmon, vinegar experiences has been pretty tough. I guess it’s like falling off any wagon after doing so well, picking yourself up again is a challenge. I have been more careful again, apart from the odd coffee and a couple of small glasses of good white wine this week. I have been taking my Serocytols medication and occasionally remembering to take my magnesium and other homeopathic remedies. I have been gorging on fresh coconut, which is probably not a good thing. Is there a recommended daily allowance for coconut?? I really should Google it up. Aside from that though, my face has cleared up and I feel good. I am going to try duck breast on the BBQ this weekend and see if it affects me. I am feeling more in control and ready to start a more structured reintroduction of foods.

I have been reading more and more posts about people finding diet has helped them improve their HS. It’s fantastic to hear it from so many. It’s a tough disease and sometimes it seems all you ever read is negative comments from people. I have to remind myself that the pain can take you into a dark forest, where even the strongest of us lose sight of the light. I am grateful that my journey is mostly positive and I have the support to keep on battling this disease in the most natural way possible.

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