Wow. I am in pain today. It was the red meat – I am sure of it. I woke up and the pain was back in my butt – like it used to be everyday before I started this autoimmune protocol diet. The area is inflamed and it hurts to sit down. I can’t believe I had almost forgotten how that constant severe pain feels!

I was getting so used to just a little mild discomfort and enjoying being able to sit down without wincing. I was also catching myself crouching down super slow, thinking I might put pressure on my spots and realising that I didn’t need to.

But today it’s back. 

The shooting pains up the side of my butt cheeks. Perching on the seat cushion, so I don’t put any added pressure on the spots and strapping up the area, to avoid any friction pain on top of the swelling pain. The grumpy mood I’m in because of the pain. All back after one meal of red meat.

I had discussed it with Ed before and we had guessed that red meat might have affected it, but that was back when I was eating a whole load of inflammatory foods and the constant pain meant it was hard to distinguish which foods were doing what. Now I am sure. No more red meat. Well, at least no more regular, supermarket beef. Grass-fed beef? It might be an option, but I am still trying to source it here in Bordeaux. We had always said when the meat had run out in the freezer, we would be looking to buy grass-fed (and even better, organic) beef. Now, if anything, it is the only option for me.

So after nearly 8 weeks on the autoimmune diet the great news is that I am definitely healing. I  inadvertently reintroduced an inflammatory food and to my surprise, the results are super clear. I thought I was ready to reintroduce other foods back into my diet, but after this experience, I think I’ll wait a little longer!

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