Court cases and skirting boards.

It’s been a long week. Tomorrow is Friday and I cannot wait for the weekend. I have spent the past three days in front of the Mac, compiling all 60+ pages evidence for an upcoming court case. It’s a long story, but basically our last tenant left without paying his mast month’s rent. He was a terrible tenant and tried to sue us for 5000 pounds! Needless to say, he lost, but not before costing me hours of time fighting the court case – precious  time I could have spent with my newborn baby girl.

Anyway, I cannot even begin to explain the relief I feel having sent the papers off yesterday. With the case hanging over me, I haven’t had any motivation to do housework, sew, bake – nada! Whilst I was in the throes of tackling the case, Mr B ran out of underwear, the washing spilled out over the laundry basket, our sheets looked like they would crawl off the beds and even the bath was dusty. As soon as those papers were sent off to the court – boom! My heart started singing and all was right with the world. Since then all the bed sheets have been changed, bread has been baked, three loads of washing have been washed and dried and the downstairs floor has been washed. We’re not even 24 hours post-court fighting! It all helps that it has been sunny here for over a week, with temps as high as 23 degrees C.

Bubba playing in the sun – God help us if we try to take the bike helmet off of her!

Whether it’s an essay, a court case or any other intense paperwork, the result is always the same when it’s completed – heavenly bliss! If only I could hold that moment of euphoria in my mind, when tackling my writing tasks – it would certainly beat dreaming about cleaning skirting boards!

Slay that sugar dragon!

I am way into my diet now and I am now noticing that apart from being the skinniest I’ve been since I was 8 years old, I am not craving bread or cakes. I think I may have finally slain the sugar dragon – wooohooo!

Big Momma before…
..Skinny Momma after!
It has been a tough 6 weeks, but I feel I am settling in to it now. It is surreal that I have come this far and not quit. I remember the first time I read It Starts With Food, I remember thinking that there would always be a limit to what I would be able to cut out of my diet and I certainly wouldn’t be able to cut out all that food and eggs – what would I eat for breakfast??

The truth is, when you are desperate, you can pretty much achieve anything.

I had really got to the point where I was ready to even give the antibiotics a go. I was in constant pain and was still just using the gauze and Micropore to strap my sores up. Painkillers were ruining my stomach and after a few days of painkillers, I was getting awful headaches.

I knew then that I just didn’t want to be intoxicating myself even more with antibiotics. I had been eating semi-paleo since June. I got back on the internet and found Primal Girl‘s blog again. I re-read it and decided, enough was enough –  I was going to do it!

And here I am. Eating a beautiful variety of nature’s beautiful foods. Again, I’d love to say it was easy, but it is not. Who wants to cook two-three times a day, everyday? Who doesn’t want to be able to throw in a ready-meal, or a pizza at the end of a hectic week? I certainly struggle at those times. But let me say this. My family and I are eating a bigger and better variety of fruit and vegetables than ever before. We have cut down on our meat consumption and we substitute junk food nights with oven baked sweet potatoes, eaten covered in pink Himalayan salt and eaten with our fingers from a bowl whilst watching TV. We have learnt to appreciate that all the food we are eating is nourishing us and the effort we put in has a reward. Good health. For all of us.

So on the mornings where I struggle to decide what to eat and force myself to cook up those leftover courgettes and onions, I am comforted by the thought that I have achieved more than I ever believed was possible! The inflammation in my backside has subsided so much. I still have the spots and they are still leaking – I have even had a couple of new ones. But it’s all healing so much quicker. I haven’t had any painkillers for at least two weeks. Will I go into remission? Who knows? But something is working and I am more motivated than ever to carry on eating this way.

After seeing the homeopath, he has given me the go ahead to order the Swiss treatment of Serocytols. I am optimistic, as I am with all new treatments. I believe that there is a difference in being optimistic and blindly hopeful – although both have their place at times – and I am ready to try a new treatment. Edwin phones Serolab and places the order. It will arrive the day we get back from Brittany.

It’s hard to say if the homeopathic treatment I am on now is working. I would say that my HS definitely has not gotten worse, which is a fab thing. My diet is still difficult. I have some delicious meals, but I would be lying if I said that finding the inspiration to eat is easy. I don’t take supplements other than the magnesium and the once a week Vit D drops that the homeopath has prescribed for me. I wonder if the alcohol and the lactose in the homeopathic medicines have an impact on my diet and if I am actually getting anywhere at all. It’s not so much a ‘self pity’ thing, as a ‘lost bewilderment’ thing, fuelled by all the conflicting information on the internet! Of course there is some self-pity, but it is all getting easier. I am not bowled over (as often) by the realisation that I have an incurable disease. I no longer miss milk or dairy products. I love it when I have a good meal and feel I am nourishing my body and soul. Most of all I love my family and am so grateful for having them around me.