I am three weeks into my diet now. I would love to say it has been easy and I am enjoying all the lovely recipes of nourishing food that are out there, but it’s not true. I am STARVING!!! Well, that’s a little bit of an exaggeration, but I am having super intense cravings for cakes, bread, nuts and well, anything and everything I’m not allowed. The only benefit I can see right now, is that I have lost about 7 lbs. I am one grumpy bitch, my skin is bad and I have low energy levels, or low motivation – I can’t quite decide what it is. It’s been hard on everyone and I really need to pull myself out of it. Quick. But how??

I am really enjoying my main meals, but am finding it hard in between meals. I don’t usually snack that much, but since starting this AIP, I have been really hungry between meals. I guess if I asked a pro, they would say I’m not getting enough nutrient dense food in my diet. I’m so over it all though, I’m struggling to find the motivation to cook up some lovely stuff to see me through the day.

I have succumbed and bought myself some toasted coconut flakes. I am assuming they are not good for me or my diet, but they’ve got to be better than dark chocolate, almond or any of the other scrumptious foods I want to stuff my face with.

Lets hope my mojo comes back pretty quick, because I’m becoming seriously unpopular in this household!

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