Valentine’s Day and some crafty distractions.

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have had a busy day, finishing off presents and planning after school painting for the girls. I love making stuff, but it is pretty hard to fit it all in whilst entertaining a toddler! Plus, she is the lightest sleeper ever, so when she goes up to bed, I have to craft as quietly as possible. God, the sewing machine seems so loud!! I’ve finished the heart cushion and did some chain stitch letters on it. This is my first time ever, so it’s not been perfect. Plus the added pressure of doing it in a limited time and without making ANY noise has made it a bit harder still!

I blame the wonky stitching on Nina…
My little present for Ty is made last minute, too. I rummaged through my leftover supplies from Christmas, got the trusty glue gun out and voila! An easy and quick little gift, that I know she will love. She likes anything mini (don’t we all?) and loves little notes, so I’m on to a winner here!
I pick Ty up – she loves her gift. We all get down on the floor and make hand prints in paint on a big heart that I’ve drawn. I always love the idea of doing stuff together, but it’s always so much easier in your head isn’t it?? Well, the girls enjoyed getting mucky and we have a handprinted heart, that is “made with love, not precision”!
Daddy comes home with an unexpected bunch of roses for moi! Aaaw! One for each year together (that’s four whole years – a long time for us novices) He wanted to buy a nice wine, but we’ll have to wait 55 days at least for that, not that I’m counting…
Well, today has been busy and challenging, but warm and fuzzy at the same time. I am eating enough good food and feeling less pain. Just how I like it.

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