Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. We’re not big on Valentine’s Day, but I like the idea of celebrating being together. We normally save our celebrations for our 4 year anniversary, which is in a few days time. However, I have always celebrated it with Tyla and so we’ve decided to make Daddy a little present and I’m going to make her a little something too. Time is pretty limited, as we only have the time when Nina sleeps to really get the craft stuff out. We are going to make him a little heart shaped cushion and I haven’t decided what I’ll make Tyla yet.

We find one of his old shirts and I unpick the sleeve. I have drawn a heart template and Tyla traces it twice, on two pieces fusible web. Now, I have the idea of a hanging heart, but I still can’t figure out how you stitch in the ribbon to make it hang. A few clicks later and Google shows me the technique. We cut a small piece of ribbon, I stitch the two pieces and the ribbon together, leaving a small gap to turn it inside out and then it’s time to get the baby up. I’ll finish it tomorrow, when Tyla’s at school.

I am hungry today. Probably not really, but I am craving sugar quite a lot. I didn’t think I was so carb addicted, but it turns out I was wrong. I am trying to hold it together, but when I am subject to a normally manageable stressors, today I am really snappy. Poor kids!

We head out to the library and Tyla entertains Nina in the kiddies’ section, while I get us library cards. It takes me about 20 minutes or so, and Tyla is just an angel, running around after Nina the whole time! They want proof of address for me and the kids, so I have brought all of my chequebook (with my name and address on it) our passports, Tyla’s school insurance letter and our application for Nina’s childcare confirmation letter. We all find some books, albeit with Nina head butting and squealing her way round. There is a good little English section here for Ty’s age group and also for Nina. I find some sewing books in French, which have lovely pictures. We check them out and, phew, we have achieved something. It’s never the enjoyable, heart warming day out you expect it to be, but it’s something! I pick up my prescription for my homeopathic stuff and some more dressings and I collect Ed’s parcel from the Newsagent collection point round the corner.

Today, life is good – stressful, but successful!

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