Today is Day 2…again. I am back on paleo, stricter than ever and following the autoimmune protocol – or what I know of it at least. I have no excuses left, just pain and more pain. I feel stressed, anxious, broken, but weirdly motivated. I have given up dairy, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, chilli and all types of peppers, certain other spices and all refined sugars. I have reread Primal Girl’s blog and am determined to see if I am eating anything that triggers it. I know that it has improved in terms of lower inflammation and the spots leaking much quicker than before. This is partly down to my diet, but hey, it could be the homeopathic treatment?? Who knows?

I’m normally quite good at diets. My family would say that’s an understatement and that once I set my mind to something, it’s going to get done! The problem I have is other people’s opinions. I’m fine eating anything Ed or I prepare, but eating at other peoples’ houses is a whole new minefield. Most people will not accept a polite ‘no’ to their offerings. They might say, “Just a little bit won’t hurt” or “you should stop that diet before you get too thin – have some of this”. Even the ‘taste my wares’ guy in the supermarket looks offended when I don’t want to try his delicious je ne sais quoi! Now, I have started saying that I have a skin condition which is affected by food, but this is fairly complicated and may lead to further discussion. I’m sure that when they’re eating, people don’t want a full rundown of the pus and inflammation that comes with HS – especially down in your nether regions. So, I’m learning how to pitch it right. ‘I’ve just eaten’ or “no, but I’d love some more of that salad – did you make it?’ or any other diversionary tactic I can think of!

I am ever hopeful, as I believe you have to be with any kind of long term condition. I will stick to my diet and see how it goes. Failure is not an option!

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