Today is day Hell. It is my time of the month and I am feeling ru-ubbish! I am well and truly devoid of carbs and I am feeling the comedown. Ed is going to Agen to meet a customer, so will drive to work by himself, to get there on time and leave the key with his secretary. I have little planned today apart from getting the girls on a bus to Ed’s work, picking up the car from there, taking it to the house and wait for the telephone people to install the telephone line. Easy.

I get the girls ready and out and to Ed’s work, all without a hitch. We have food packed and we are picking up a fruit hamper from Ed’s work. We are on time and whilst driving to the new house, I say to Ty over my shoulder, “We’ve done really well so far Ty, I…oh”. I have forgotten the key to the new house. Various thoughts go through my mind, like, where is Ed when I need him? Why is this happening today? Why don’t we all have a set of keys, instead of one stupid garage door key? None of these are helpful, so I drive the last few hundred metres to the house and park up. There is definitely no other way of getting in there. I call the estate agent, just in case she has the actual front door key, but of course, she is off for her 2 hour shutdown lunch break. There is nothing for it, but to turn around. Poor girls are starving and bored, as am I.

We head home.

I do a drive by run in and grab the key off the side by the computer. Ed must’ve taken the annoying bit of plastic the electrician put on it. I also collect the keys to the filing cabinet – bonus! Get back to the house, try the key – er…no freaking way! It’s the wrong key. Turns out Ed hadn’t taken the plastic “keyring” off; I had just picked up the wrong key. Off we go, back to the apartment. Leave car outside, girls in it, run in, pick key up and head back.

We get there in time. Thank goodness I’d set out early. Get girls in the house, which is covered in dirt. The telephone guys arrive – brill. We are getting somewhere. They fanny around for a while looking at various things outside and then come in to tell me that the cables are laid about one metre away from the place they should be in and there is nothing that they can do about it.

I should have known this was not going to be a good day.

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