Starting out…day 1

That’s it. I’ve finally had enough. I have endured this HS now for so long and after spending another weekend in pain so bad, I could barely walk, I need some help. Whilst eating Paleo may not be the answer, I need to get on it to find out either way!

With so many of my decisions, I hate doing anything new unless I am fully prepared. It’s a trait that can be positive, but on the other hand it holds me back unnecessarily (did I mention I still haven’t handed in my first unit of TEFL, just in case some of my answers are wrong?) Now living in this one bed apartment, with no oven, one (damaged) small ceramic knife, two electric hobs, the cheapest pots and pans you could imagine and no Paleo books makes me about as far away from prepared as one can be, whilst still living in a civilised space. We also plan to go to bed earlier tonight, as I know that my random melt downs are lack of sleep related.

So, it’s time to suck it up and just cut out carbs and grains, stick to what I know of the diet and make do. So far I have managed a whole day with no refined foods (apart from dried fruit and nuts, which I haven’t read enough about). Served up rice to Mr B and Ty for tea, with a chicken curry I made from scratch. It was weird not having the rice, but was so filling on its own, I don’t know how I  managed to stuff in a load of carbs with my curry before?!

So day one is a success. Mr B has taken my ‘before’ body photos. Here’s hoping it won’t be long before I have some noteworthy ‘after’ shots…

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