So this morning we piled in the van, with Nina taking up plenty of room in her car seat and Tyla and I squashed up together in what should only have been a seat for one. I justify that this minor infraction is nothing in the grand scheme of things and we manage to get the seat belt round both of us quite easily. Ed tells me that when he was young they had a special car air mattress and he and his brother and sister would sleep in the back of the car on their trips from Brittany to Ireland. Not a seat belt in sight! Funny how things have changed.
We drive near Sauternes to a little village called Noaillon, where a friend’s parents have a holiday home and kindly agree to let us store our stuff there. We drive through a little village called Manhot. This is funny right? Just like when someone falls over, silly play on words never get old! 
It takes us most of the morning to unpack. Ty was pleased to see her bike and had a little ride around, but mostly she looked after Nina, which mainly involved making she sure she didn’t eat too much mud, or crawl off any fo the little walls. I dipped in and out of the packing and helped Ty with Nina. It’s good practice for Tyla to watch Nina, but I don’t expect her to shoulder the responsibility of watching her alone, especially as Nina is a little grouchy and is teething. My breaks are often to breastfeed and in this heat I am doing it as much as she demands. We finally get it all done and head home, exhausted. We bring Tyla’s bike, helmet and a few kitchen and toiletry essentials from our stuff.
 It is good to finally have everything back with us, even if it’s not with with us! 

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