Whilst we have been settling in there has been a constant onslaught of challenges to deal with – not least getting the container from Kent, England, which has all our belongings from our last home in Slidell, Louisiana, USA. Whilst all the stuff from the UK bubbles away, over here, we are constantly searching for a house/apartment to suit our family needs; this mainly means near a nice school and in not too much of a “ghetto” area (did I mention I’m a secret snob?). We are also searching for a car (yes, I am a car snob, too) and I am trying to get my head round the idea of doing what is best and buying a French car!

We have downloaded some apps on the iPhones that we got contracts for in the UK (when we though we were going to stay there) and spend our evenings on the sofa searching through them to find various houses, cars local information etc. I am open-minded and know that finding a place can be difficult as you must give three months notice before you leave a rented place here.

This is the only picture on up on the site, advertising this flat – excellent work Monsieur Estate Agent!

I hadn’t anticipated how hard it would be to find a family home, with parking in an ok area. It is student city here and many properties are T1 or T2 (stands for Type 1, meaning one room or studio to me and you). We are looking for a T4 with 3 bedrooms or a 2 bedrooms and an office, and are basing our search around the outskirts of Bordeaux, so that it’ll be easier for Ed to get to work.

The girls and I decide to take a trip down the local Immobiliers (estate agents) here in Talence. Every trip we take out is a little mission, as we cleverly forgot the buggy at Ed’s Mum’s house in Brittany during our last visit there a few weeks ago. Luckily we have the amazing Vaude baby carrier, but I know I look like some weird hippy carrying my poor baby round in the heat. Oh well, we are getting used to making do at the moment and this is no different!

Throughout our visits to about 7 estate agents, we are greeted with a mixed response; some are helpful, some just rude, but the common theme is unless we are prepared to live in a studio apartment, there is little they can do for us.

Feeling pretty dejected, but what can you do?? Onwards and upwards….

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