As you will learn about me, I have some particular views about certain things, which maybe confused for snobbery (or may actually be snobbery). Anyway, one of my funny views is about meeting people in contrived situations based on vague similarities, like being a mother or from the same country or even being the same colour. I love my friends (some of whom are indeed British, mixed race and mothers) and I am very sociable, but tell me that I will be meeting a group of English mums as a preferential group of future BFF’s and I would normally run a mile.

However no man (or mother) is an island and I decided to ignore my prejudices and joined an expat website. I was greeted warmly by D, an Irish mother of two boys aged 2, who also lives in Talence. She offered to meet with me the Wednesday after we arrived and also let me know that the rest of the group she had met were meeting up on Friday at the Jardin Public in Bordeaux.

D is lovely. Her boys are very sweet and the eldest is very articulate and observant. D is a mine of knowledge about the simple things I need to know about. She meets me in the local park on Wednesday, and fills me in on local transport, where to buy things, local markets etc etc. I am so relieved that I have found a friend – and one who is on my wavelength, too. It was great to get out with the girls, explore our surroundings and have a purpose.

I think I can safely say that I will always be prepared to challenge my unfounded prejudices.

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