Product review – Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorant Spray by Crystal Spring

Like many of you, I have never found a convenient or good alternative to a standard deodorant. I have tried many of the 'natural' brands out there and none of them could stand the test of time. Even though I am reluctant to use harsh chemicals, I am also reluctant to subject my fellow human beings to a day's worth of body odour, so I always reverted back to a standard deodorant.

Until now.

Enter Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorant Unscented award-winning spray by Crystal Spring. It comes in a bottle pump spray format and against all odds, it actually does what it says on the tin! 

As you may know, I have been working in a fast food restaurant and I do not stop running around from the moment I get there until the moment I leave, so it is really important to me to have a deodorant that lasts. I started using Salt Of The Earth Spray on my days off, but was quickly confident enough to use it on work days. I was amazed that it lasted all day, even on days when I worked a full 10 hours! I love the fact that there are no artificial ingredients and I am not left with that caked on feel I get when using standard deodorants. 


Functional and virtuous – who could ask for more?!

My husband suffers from skin irritation and we had never found a deodorant that worked for him, without causing itching, redness and sore underarms. He started using Salt Of The Earth Spray in April and hasn't looked back! He too, is amazed at it's durability considering it contains no aluminium nor alcohol. He went away for a business trip last week and left the spray here. Upon his return the soreness had returned under his arms and it was a little raw. A week later and back to using Salt of The Earth Spray daily, his underarms are healed and back to normal.

So, if you have been looking for a natural deodorant solution, you have found it. Suitable for vegans, it leaves no stains or marks, it is odourless and above all it is effective. We are currently halfway through a 100 ml bottle, which we have had since April, thus one bottle should last at the very least, three months.

Buy Salt Of The Earth Spray  – I cannot recommend this product highly enough!

This product retails from £3.84 from Crystal Spring in the UK (plus £3 p&P) where you will find the full range of Crystal Spring products available and get free postage in the United Kingdom AND Europe when you spend over £40. Worldwide shipping is also offered at £10.

Alternatively, it is available on or (affiliate links)

I received this product for free to write a review, however I have found this product to be awesome enough that I will be buying the next one!


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3 Responses to Product review – Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorant Spray by Crystal Spring

  1. Emily

    Hello, I am so glad I came across your website! In reading your blog entries, it sounds like your case and my case of HS are very similar.  Not sure of your age…I am 33 F.  I have had HS for probably at least 10 years now, never officially diagnosed, but self diagnosed through my online findings.  My HS has been significantly worse for the past year or so, with consistent outbreaks (only in my groin/lower butt cheek area).  I went cold turkey paleo and about 95% AI this past March, but I am not really noticing much improvement as of yet.  This is such a difficult condition in that I feel I am very alone in my dealing with it- I showed a boil to my PCP a few years back, she said it looked like a swollen lymph node, and if it didn't go down in a month to go back in.  Never been back since.  I did recently find a naturopathic Doctor very close to where I live.  I had a food allergy panel done and I find out the results 1 week from today.  But I just don't feel like that will reveal "the answer".  I am hoping that the Dr will be of some help.  I am wondering- do you have any thoughts on whether or not HS and candida are related?  I have my suspicions that my HS is caused by a combination of candida and hormones/hormone imbalance.  Another question- do you experience extreme tiredness when a boil is forming/has formed and not yet leaked? Anyways, in regards to this particular blog post- I will look into this deodorant.  Not sure if you've heard of a product called Stank Stop by Fatface Skincare?  I recently discovered it on Instagram — check it out!  I plan to order some and give it a try.

  2. Betsy

    Potassium alum is still aluminum. This is the same issue with crystal deodorant. It says it’s aluminum free but it’s really not.

    • Leila

      Hi Betsy

      Thanks for the comment. I looked into this and it would appear that the difference between the two, is the size of the molecules and the body’s ability to absorb them. However, without spending many hours researching the science behind it, I can’t be sure!

      Leila :)

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