No baguettes or bananas.

Gluten-free living is currently proving to be the best for me. When I say gluten-free is best I am talking purely from a health point of view. Obviously there is nothing remotely amazing about being gluten-free on a practical level, seeing as a) I'm a human who lives around normal people and 2) I live in France where it is pretty much compulsory to eat amazing baguettes, croissants and patisseries. Still, seeing as my old scar-line HS lump appears to have diminished to nearly nothing – flatter than when I was on antibiotics (when I was still eating gluten intermittently), my gluten-free efforts are reaping some good results. I have also been avoiding nightshades and egg whites. Wine and "Paleo" baking? Well,they're still in there. Not often, but I'm definitely not following an AIP diet at the moment.

I had a little bit of a food disaster a few weeks ago. I had been eating too much fruit and I knew I needed to cut down. Then one night, after having spent a happy evening snacking on bananas and cashews, I was physically sick. Whilst camping. On an inflatable mattress. Not my finest hour, I must say. With no Google to hand, I assumed it was the cashews and vowed not to touch them. Later that day, I snacked on a few more bananas and lets just say the results weren't pretty.

Back home and in the land of Google and FB, I found that having an allergy to bananas seemed like a fairly commonplace affair, which sent my Inner Hypcohcondriac into overdrive. What would I do without bananas?! How would I live without their velvety, comforting, squishy goodness?? A little dramatic outburst about my new and terrible living conditions on FB saw a lovely positive response and some advice that I'd probably over done it on the whole potassium front. Well, I had heard that if you eat something like 18 bananas a day for 9 days, on the 10 day you would die (this is based on pure teenage hearsay and I have never once even Googled this "fact"). As I was at least 13 bananas a day away from this, I didn't even think that it could be potassium related. A little word from a friend and it all made sense (thanks, Teri!). She told me that I may. Have reacted to too much potassium from the bananas and that cashews were high in potassium, too. The relief I felt, knowing that it might not be a lifelong banana allergy, was immense! My Inner Hypochondriac retreated all appeased and satisfied that life was going to continue to be worth living after all.

So whilst baguettes and bananas are off the menu for the foreseeable future, life goes on…..

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  1. Ainsley

    I just stumbled across your blog while looking for HS cures that have worked for others. I read some of your blog as well as primalgirl's and I realize that if you two are this passionate about AIP/gluten free eating I need to give it a try! I saw others post in HS support groups that gluten free has helped them as well. Thank you for suggesting that AIP cookbook, I never even knew AIP was a thing until tonight. Thank you so much for sharing how hard it is to live w/HS. I write this as I have a painful flare up. I'm fed up. no one knows how embarassing this all is and im so thankful ppl like you are willing to come forward w/ advice. I'm ready to finally get intimate w/someone and not be ashamed of myself. I will give myself one last month of freedom before I go gluten free and then ease into AIP. I am praying this works and I commend you on staying away from french pastries. I cant imagine your torture! I plan on reading your blog from the beginning in my spare time. 

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